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Too Many Ways To Lose

MMA is extremely different from any other sport. It is even very different from other combat sports. In MMA, there are too many ways to lose. That’s why in MMA, EVERYONE loses. Look at what happened to Fedor Emelianenko this past weekend. Fedor was defeated by Fabricio Werdum; a man Fedor was heavily favored to defeat. Fedor came out, threw chingasos, and dropped Werdum. Like a lion, Fedor instantly pounced on his prey. Fedor followed Werdum to the ground, and threw more chingasos from inside Werdum’s guard.

Unfortunately for Fedor, he got sloppy and Werdum worked at getting a triangle. It took some work, but Werdum kept adjusting and eventually finished with an armbar/triangle, forcing Fedor to tapout.

If they fight again, when they fight again, Fedor will likely be the favorite. But, Fedor better have every aspect of his MMA game ready. Fedor does not have to have world class Muay Thai striking, but he better be ready to throw and dodge chingasos. Fedor does not have to have Olympic caliber wrestling, but he better know what to do if he is taken down. Fedor does not have to have Abu Dhabi type submission skill, but Werdum taught him that he better be ready to avoid submissions.

Fedor vs. Werdum Fight Video