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Single Minded

I hate wrestlers. They give me a headache when I grapple one of them. They take you down, control you, stick on you, hold you down. Basically, they’re pests.

Ok, so maybe hate is not the right word. Respect, is a much better word.

One of the free fights on the UFC 114 card featured Dong Hyun Kim vs. Amir Sadollah (link to fight video). Kim put on a clinic on how to use wrestling in MMA. Kim’s most powerful weapon in that fight was the single leg takedown. Kim used the single leg takedown to take Sadollah down, control Sadollah, stick on Sadollah, and hold Sadollah down. But, this is MMA. So once Kim got Sadollah on the ground, Kim used his position to throw chingasos.

Here is a good video that shows some of the basics of the single leg takedown. View it, learn it, practice it, and use it to throw chingasos from the ground.