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Is Roger Gracie For Real In MMA?

You can't have a historical discussion of MMA without mentioning the Gracie family.  The Gracie's popularized the sport of MMA when they brought no holds barred fighting to the United States with the UFC and their brand of jiu jitsu.  But it's been a long time since a Gracie has been a serious MMA contender. 

Roger Gracie has entered the MMA world and has been rising in the ranks.  He recently had his biggest challenge facing off against MMA legend Kevin Randleman in the Strikeforce event Heavy Artillery.  While his chingasos aren't the most powerful, he did a good job with the stand up, and in classic Gracie style, finished the fight nicely.  Check out the video of the second round.

I wasn't too sure that Roger Gracie was going to be a contender in MMA, but after watching the fight with Kevin Randleman, I must say, I think he's for real.  There's going to be some interesting match ups for him in Strikeforce and I'm eager to see his next fight.