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Ground Control

As I was watching the MMA match between Renato Migliacio and Niko Puhakka in M-1 Challange 16, I thought it was reminiscent of the first few UFC's when Royce Gracie would take the fight to the ground, control his opponent, and then finish with either and armbar or a choke.  In this fight Renato trades chingasos with Niko and tests the waters before he completes a text book double leg takedown and gets the fight to the ground.  He then begins to take control of the fight on the ground where he transitions from one advantages position to another one, finally finishing the fight with a slick armbar.

Check out the video for a nice 101 on ground control in MMA

Renato Migliacio vs Niko Puhakka M1 Challange 16

Here's a good video of Renato Migliacio showing some nice armbar options from side control.  Check out the video.