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Exciting Kicks in Yager Loss

In an exciting fight, Jaime Yager failed to answer the bell for the third round in yesterdays Ultimate Fighter Episode.  After the fight there seemed to be a lot of hate and disrespect aimed at MMA fighter Jaime Yager because he failed to answer the bell for the tie breaking round.  Some people referred to him as a "quitter" and some had even worse adjectives. It's understandable for uneducated fans to call him a quitter, but let's take an in depth look into what happened in that fight and then make and educated judgment.

Josh Bryant and Jamie Yager came out exchanging chingasos. Yager was caught with a nice punch, but returned fire with some of the craziest most exciting kicks I've ever seen in an MMA fight.  Included in the chingasos Yager was throwing were some jump knees to the body of Josh Bryant.  Even though Bryant got a late takedown and ended the round on top, most would agree that Yager won that round. The judges scored the round for Yager.

In the second round there was more of the same, chingasos from Yager in the form of exciting kicks were prevalent. Bryant tested Yager's chin a few times but Yager was relentless and just kept coming putting it all on the line.  Unfortunately for Yager, his aggressiveness lead him to make a mistake and Josh Bryant took advantage taking the fight to the ground. Jaime Yager was stuck in a bad position and Bryant landed some solid chingasos to Yager's head finishing the round strong.  Most would agree that Josh Bryant won the round. 

After the end of the second round, Dana White announced that the  fight was even and that there would be a final and tie breaking round. Yager could not answer the bell. The fight had taken it's toll and Josh Bryant was awarded the win.

In good reality show fashion, The Ultimate Fighter Show editors stirred up drama by leaving it up to the viewers to make their own conclusions as to why Jaime Yager could not answer the bell.  Those that know MMA could see that Jaime Yager was out to entertain the fans, and by doing so he opened himself up to taking possibly more punishment than necessary.  Especially after winning the first round.  I for one appreciated the fact he stayed aggressive and aimed to be entertaining even though it eventually led to his loss.  I would have definitely liked to see a third round but also understood he took some hard shots, especially toward the end of the second round.  He looked foggy and it was  best for his own safety.

Unfortunately, his coach Tito Ortiz threw a tantrum over Yager not being able to continue and stormed off like a little kid, calling Yager a "quitter" and angrily saying "he fucking quit".  Very little credit, if any was given to Josh Bryant for putting up an excellent fight, nor was much credit given to coach Chuck Liddell for coming up with a great game plan for Bryant and the fight. Ironically, it turns out Tito Ortiz pulled himself out of the fight with Chuck Liddell that was supposed to happen on the Ultimate Fighter Show finale due to a supposed neck issue. I guess it's OK for Tito to quit if he might be injured, but not OK for one of the fighters he's coaching.