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Too Many Ways To Lose

MMA is extremely different from any other sport. It is even very different from other combat sports. In MMA, there are too many ways to lose. That’s why in MMA, EVERYONE loses. Look at what happened to Fedor Emelianenko this past weekend. Fedor was defeated by Fabricio Werdum; a man Fedor was heavily favored to defeat. Fedor came out, threw chingasos, and dropped Werdum. Like a lion, Fedor instantly pounced on his prey. Fedor followed Werdum to the ground, and threw more chingasos from inside Werdum’s guard.

Unfortunately for Fedor, he got sloppy and Werdum worked at getting a triangle. It took some work, but Werdum kept adjusting and eventually finished with an armbar/triangle, forcing Fedor to tapout.

If they fight again, when they fight again, Fedor will likely be the favorite. But, Fedor better have every aspect of his MMA game ready. Fedor does not have to have world class Muay Thai striking, but he better be ready to throw and dodge chingasos. Fedor does not have to have Olympic caliber wrestling, but he better know what to do if he is taken down. Fedor does not have to have Abu Dhabi type submission skill, but Werdum taught him that he better be ready to avoid submissions.

Fedor vs. Werdum Fight Video

Fedor Emelianenko vs Fabricio Werdum Strikeforce Fight Video

In one of the biggest MMA upset in history, Fabricio Werdum defeats Fedor Emelianenko via a triangle armbar combo in Strikeforce.  Twenty seven seconds into the first round, Fedor puts Fabricio Werdum on the mat with a fierce chingaso, and it looked like Fedor would make quick work of Werdum.  It didn't look good for Werdum when he took that chingaso and fell to the mat, but somehow he caught Fedor in the triangle submission position and then worked back and forth from the triangle to the armbar until he finally submits Fedor and finishes the fight and suprises the MMA world.
Check out the video of Werdum defeating Fedor in Strikeforce.

Is Roger Gracie For Real In MMA?

You can't have a historical discussion of MMA without mentioning the Gracie family.  The Gracie's popularized the sport of MMA when they brought no holds barred fighting to the United States with the UFC and their brand of jiu jitsu.  But it's been a long time since a Gracie has been a serious MMA contender. 

Roger Gracie has entered the MMA world and has been rising in the ranks.  He recently had his biggest challenge facing off against MMA legend Kevin Randleman in the Strikeforce event Heavy Artillery.  While his chingasos aren't the most powerful, he did a good job with the stand up, and in classic Gracie style, finished the fight nicely.  Check out the video of the second round.

I wasn't too sure that Roger Gracie was going to be a contender in MMA, but after watching the fight with Kevin Randleman, I must say, I think he's for real.  There's going to be some interesting match ups for him in Strikeforce and I'm eager to see his next fight.

MMA Knockout of The Year Candidate

Marlon Sandro vs. Masanori Kanehara in SRC 13 (Sengoku Raiden Championship) provided a definite candidate for knockout of the year.  It's going to be hard to beat because the chingaso via a close to perfect uppercut Sandro landed on Kanehara's chin, was a thing of beauty if you like the stand up game in MMA.  Unfortunately for Kanehara, it was a perfect storm for a knockout.  Sandro landed a nice right that seemed to stun Kanehara and forced him into what seemed to be a takedown attempt.  Sandro then threw that vicious uppercut that knocked Kanehara out cold.  Check out the video.

Don't Get Kicked In The Head

If you're an MMA fan, you have to love when a fight finishes before it's left in the hands of the judges.  Whether the fight ends with a submission, or with a knockout via a well placed chingaso, it's always exciting to see a fight end in definitive fashion.  A Muay Thai kick to the dome is one of those chingasos that almost always finishes a fight.  So today's lesson is....don't get kicked in the head!!

Check out this video of Anton Mattson vs Edgaras Bajercius in The Zone Fighting FC.
Oh bye the way, taking a Muay Thai kick to the side of the neck isn't a good idea either.  Check out this video of Marius Zaromskis vs Myeon Ho Bae in Dream 12.

Will Chuck Liddell Retire After KO at UFC 115

I'm a Chuck Liddell fan, and as that, I would hate to see him get seriously hurt, so I hope he retires.  He's been knocked out three times in the last few UFC fights and It just looks like he can't take a punch anymore.  Dana White has states that Chuck is done, but he's said that before and has allowed Chuck back to fight in the UFC.

Regardless of whether you're a Chuck Liddell fan or not, you have to agree that he was one of the greatest fighters in MMA and UFC history.  Even though he was knocked out in UFC 115, you must admire the way he went out there opening up and throwing chingasos.  He went out like a true warrior.

UFC 115 Liddell vs Franklin Countdown and Fight Pick

After watching the countdown video to UFC 115 and the weigh ins for UFC 115 I'm going to be picking Chuck Liddell over Rich Franklin in this fight.  Chuck Liddell looks like he's in the best shape he's ever been in and I think It will make a huge difference in this fight against Rich Franklin.

Chuck Liddell rose to the top of the UFC a few years back with his natural ability to throw hard powerful chingasos and knock people out.  But, he also had a reputation for enjoying the party like a rockstar lifestyle, which probably lead to him losing the title and falling off the UFC map.  If the UFC countdown video is correct, and he's living a healthier lifestyle, I think he'll put on a great show, get in one of those classic  knock out chingasos and finish off Rich Franklin.

Check out the UFC 115 countdown video and get ready to watch UFC 115 tomorrow evening.

Why Leg Locks Are Not Common In MMA

Leg locks from the heel hook to the dreaded knee bar are some of my favorite types of fight ending submissions.  Unfortunately, you don't see them much in MMA or the UFC.  Usually because attempting a leg lock submission puts you in a position to take chingasos to the head, cranium, dome!   And there aren't too many fighters that want to risk that.  On the other hand, there are fighters that feel confident and comfortable enough in their leg lock skills to risk the attempt, even if they do have to take some chingasos to the dome.  Check out this video of legend Kazushi Sakuraba in Dream 12 pulling off a knee bar on Zelg Galesic after taking several chingasos to the head an almost being stopped.  

Single Minded

I hate wrestlers. They give me a headache when I grapple one of them. They take you down, control you, stick on you, hold you down. Basically, they’re pests.

Ok, so maybe hate is not the right word. Respect, is a much better word.

One of the free fights on the UFC 114 card featured Dong Hyun Kim vs. Amir Sadollah (link to fight video). Kim put on a clinic on how to use wrestling in MMA. Kim’s most powerful weapon in that fight was the single leg takedown. Kim used the single leg takedown to take Sadollah down, control Sadollah, stick on Sadollah, and hold Sadollah down. But, this is MMA. So once Kim got Sadollah on the ground, Kim used his position to throw chingasos.

Here is a good video that shows some of the basics of the single leg takedown. View it, learn it, practice it, and use it to throw chingasos from the ground.

Exciting Kicks in Yager Loss

In an exciting fight, Jaime Yager failed to answer the bell for the third round in yesterdays Ultimate Fighter Episode.  After the fight there seemed to be a lot of hate and disrespect aimed at MMA fighter Jaime Yager because he failed to answer the bell for the tie breaking round.  Some people referred to him as a "quitter" and some had even worse adjectives. It's understandable for uneducated fans to call him a quitter, but let's take an in depth look into what happened in that fight and then make and educated judgment.

Josh Bryant and Jamie Yager came out exchanging chingasos. Yager was caught with a nice punch, but returned fire with some of the craziest most exciting kicks I've ever seen in an MMA fight.  Included in the chingasos Yager was throwing were some jump knees to the body of Josh Bryant.  Even though Bryant got a late takedown and ended the round on top, most would agree that Yager won that round. The judges scored the round for Yager.

In the second round there was more of the same, chingasos from Yager in the form of exciting kicks were prevalent. Bryant tested Yager's chin a few times but Yager was relentless and just kept coming putting it all on the line.  Unfortunately for Yager, his aggressiveness lead him to make a mistake and Josh Bryant took advantage taking the fight to the ground. Jaime Yager was stuck in a bad position and Bryant landed some solid chingasos to Yager's head finishing the round strong.  Most would agree that Josh Bryant won the round. 

After the end of the second round, Dana White announced that the  fight was even and that there would be a final and tie breaking round. Yager could not answer the bell. The fight had taken it's toll and Josh Bryant was awarded the win.

In good reality show fashion, The Ultimate Fighter Show editors stirred up drama by leaving it up to the viewers to make their own conclusions as to why Jaime Yager could not answer the bell.  Those that know MMA could see that Jaime Yager was out to entertain the fans, and by doing so he opened himself up to taking possibly more punishment than necessary.  Especially after winning the first round.  I for one appreciated the fact he stayed aggressive and aimed to be entertaining even though it eventually led to his loss.  I would have definitely liked to see a third round but also understood he took some hard shots, especially toward the end of the second round.  He looked foggy and it was  best for his own safety.

Unfortunately, his coach Tito Ortiz threw a tantrum over Yager not being able to continue and stormed off like a little kid, calling Yager a "quitter" and angrily saying "he fucking quit".  Very little credit, if any was given to Josh Bryant for putting up an excellent fight, nor was much credit given to coach Chuck Liddell for coming up with a great game plan for Bryant and the fight. Ironically, it turns out Tito Ortiz pulled himself out of the fight with Chuck Liddell that was supposed to happen on the Ultimate Fighter Show finale due to a supposed neck issue. I guess it's OK for Tito to quit if he might be injured, but not OK for one of the fighters he's coaching.

Ground Control

As I was watching the MMA match between Renato Migliacio and Niko Puhakka in M-1 Challange 16, I thought it was reminiscent of the first few UFC's when Royce Gracie would take the fight to the ground, control his opponent, and then finish with either and armbar or a choke.  In this fight Renato trades chingasos with Niko and tests the waters before he completes a text book double leg takedown and gets the fight to the ground.  He then begins to take control of the fight on the ground where he transitions from one advantages position to another one, finally finishing the fight with a slick armbar.

Check out the video for a nice 101 on ground control in MMA

Renato Migliacio vs Niko Puhakka M1 Challange 16

Here's a good video of Renato Migliacio showing some nice armbar options from side control.  Check out the video.