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UFC 114 Expo

On Friday the Chingasos MMA crew decided to head to Las Vegas and check out the UFC expo leading up to UFC 114.  I had personally never been and I must say it was good times.  I would highly recommend it to MMA and or UFC fans.

The UFC Expo was $30 dollars for a one day pass and it we got a lot of bang for our buck, or actually thirty of our bucks.  There was the Grapplers Quest tournament going on and we were lucky enough to also catch a special grappling super fight between grappling all star Bill Cooper and UFC fighter Hermes Franca.

Along with the Grapplers Quest tournament there were also plenty of UFC stars at booths signing autographs and taking pictures for fans.  We were able to get in on the action and take a few pictures.  Exhibitors ranging from t-shirt companies to MMA to gear and UFC sponsors where in attendance showing off and presenting their products.  I think our favorite was probably the Casadores booth, we seemed to have spent a lot of time there sampling their product and enjoying the scenery.

Another treat for UFC fans that Friday was the weigh ins for UFC 114.  After taking a break at the Casadores exhibit, we shot over to the arena for the weigh ins.  They showed the UFC 114 countdown on the big screen and then trotted the fighters over to the scale one by one to weigh in and face off for pictures.  It really got the fans pumped up and ready for UFC 114.

Check out the video slideshow for a glimpse into what the UFC Expo is like.