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UFC 113 Picks and Preview

Once again it's time for the biggest organization in MMA to put on a show.  UFC 113 is up next, Saturday May 8th.  This UFC card has some interesting match ups, and by interesting, I mean it will be interesting to see if the headliner Lyoto Machida will continue to be a defensive fighter with a propensity to be passive or will he go after the win and be aggressive like a true champ should be.  Interestingly enough, this will be Lyoto Machida vs Mauricio "Shogun" Rua part two.  Their first fight went to a decision and I'm hoping this fight doesn't do the same.  

A match up that has fight of the night written all over is Josh Koscheck vs. Paul Daley.  Koscheck has awesome wrestling skills while Paul Daley is a world class striker with KO ability.  If Koscheck is smart, he'll take the fight to the ground and finish with ground and pound, but... and a big but, Koscheck has been known to set his wrestling skills aside and chose to stand and trade chingasos.  If he choses to do that, don't blink!
Check out the UFC countdown video on Machida vs Shogun and Koscheck vs Daley

Kimbo vs Mitrione will be interesting to watch if just to see how much Kimbo has evolved from being a Youtube street fighting sensation, to a full blown real MMA fighter.  Both of these fighters were on the Ultimate Fighter Show and are still in the beginning stages of their MMA career and they both have a lot to prove.
Check out the UFC Countdown video on Kimbo vs Mitrione

Here are the Chingasos MMA official picks for UFC 113
Machida via decision
Koscheck via ground and pound
Kimob via KO