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Triangle Choke in Action

Most MMA fighters, coaches, and trainers would agree that the top position is where you want to be in a fight.  Gravity helps those chingasos rain down. Nevertheless, some fighters are extremely skilled and dangerous from the the bottom and in the guard position.  The triangle submission is just one option you can use to finish a fight from the bottom and while in the guard.  Check out this free MMA video of current UFC fighter Dennis Kang vs Gerard Mousasi a while back fighting in Dream 2.
Check out this free video on a few common mistakes when applying the triangle submission and sharpen up your triangle submission so you can save the chingasos for another fight.
Free Highlight video of Anderson Silva getting caught!
Even top fighters can get caught with the triangle submission if they are not careful. Check out the free highlight video of current UFC middleweight champ Anderson Silva getting caught with the triangle when still fighting for Pride FC.

If you like the triangle submission, check out this free MMA video and see how Fedor gets caught in a traingle armbar combo when he fought Werdum in Strikeforce.

Wow!  Who would have thought Fedor would ever fall for the triangle submission?

To learn how to do the traingle submission technique properly, stop by one of the many MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) gyms in Los Angeles.