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Proving Grounds 2 at The Fight Academy in Pasadena

Last night, Saturday May 1st, Savant Young and the Fight Academy once again brought MMA fights to Pasadena with Proving Grounds 2. The Fight Academy was filled to capacity to witness 18 MMA fighters match up and put their MMA skills to the test. Jamie Yager from the Ultimate Fighter Show and Yessi Ortiz from Power 106 were on hand to help Savant Young MC the event. 

The night was action packed with none of the competitors holding back chingasos, takedowns, or submissions.  The crowd roared with excitement throughout the night as the fighters eagerly showcased their skills and gave it all they had in the Fight Academy cage.  Here's a slideshow and two fight videos from that night to give you a taste of the on goings of the night. Contact Savant Young from the Fight Academy to get the Official Proving Grounds 2 DVD.

Check out Jesses Escobedo and Moses Murrietta leaving nothing to chance and throwing chingasos fast and furious.  Like true warriors they made the decision to finish or be finished. More videos from Proving Grounds at the Fight Academy will be up soon.

In the fight of the night, and what some felt was a controversial decision, Kenny Hwang and Johnathan Garcia go to battle in the Fight Academy cage. Place you're vote on whether you agree with the decision on the right.

If you would like to train at the Fight Academy, check out their website www.FightAcademyMMA.com or if you would like to compete at their next event contact Savant Young.