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Florez Muay Thai and MMA Gym Event

On Saturday May 15th, Florez Muay Thai and MMA Gym welcomed the Chingasos MMA crew to their Muay Thai, boxing, and MMA event.  The minute we stepped in the place we noticed the energy and excitement in the crowd as fans eagerly waited for the next fight to begin. Fans of chingasos were not disappointed as the competitors traded them relentlessly in the boxing, Muay Thai and MMA matches. Even after all those chingasos, after each and every fight was over, the combatants showed the classic MMA sportsmanship and respect for each other fans have come to expect.

The owners of Florez Muay Thai and MMA Gym, Mark and Allen had the event nicely organized as the breaks between fights were very short and the action never stalled.  

A big thanks to Derrick Martinez from team Judo Box MMA who informed Chingasos MMA of the event, helped organize it, and continues to promote the sport by helping beginners and amateurs get competition experience.  If you would like to compete at the next event at Florez Muay Thai and MMA Gym, e-mail Derrick Martinez at Martinez_MuayThai@yahoo.com 

Here is the slideshow. Videos of some of the matches will be up soon.

Here's the Main Event.  The big boys!

The Chingasos were flying in this boxing match!  Check out the video