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UFC 114 Expo

On Friday the Chingasos MMA crew decided to head to Las Vegas and check out the UFC expo leading up to UFC 114.  I had personally never been and I must say it was good times.  I would highly recommend it to MMA and or UFC fans.

The UFC Expo was $30 dollars for a one day pass and it we got a lot of bang for our buck, or actually thirty of our bucks.  There was the Grapplers Quest tournament going on and we were lucky enough to also catch a special grappling super fight between grappling all star Bill Cooper and UFC fighter Hermes Franca.

Along with the Grapplers Quest tournament there were also plenty of UFC stars at booths signing autographs and taking pictures for fans.  We were able to get in on the action and take a few pictures.  Exhibitors ranging from t-shirt companies to MMA to gear and UFC sponsors where in attendance showing off and presenting their products.  I think our favorite was probably the Casadores booth, we seemed to have spent a lot of time there sampling their product and enjoying the scenery.

Another treat for UFC fans that Friday was the weigh ins for UFC 114.  After taking a break at the Casadores exhibit, we shot over to the arena for the weigh ins.  They showed the UFC 114 countdown on the big screen and then trotted the fighters over to the scale one by one to weigh in and face off for pictures.  It really got the fans pumped up and ready for UFC 114.

Check out the video slideshow for a glimpse into what the UFC Expo is like.

UFC 114 Results

UFC 114 Results
The first televised fight of the night was
Efrain Escudero vs. Dan Lauzon
The first round was a bit slow with Lauzon mostly countering. However, Lauzon did manage to cut Escudero. The stand up continued in the second round, and Efrain went on the attack with a barrage of knees. The round ended with more knees from Escudero. The third round got off to a slow start, but Efrain got off more knees. Efrain won a unanimous decision.

The next televised fight was
Cyrille Diabate vs. Luiz Cane.
Diabate took it to Cane. Cane had no defense as Diabate came with chingasos. Cane could not take anymore chingasos, and Diabate got the TKO.

Up next was
Dong Hyun Kim vs. Amir Sadollah
Kim put on a clinic on how to finish single leg takedowns in the UFC. Kim finished single leg after single leg, controlled the fight from the top, and ended up winning a unanimous decision.

To open up the UFC 114 pay per view was
John Hathaway vs. Diego Sanchez
Sanchez went for a takedown early in the first round but failed. He shot in again later in the round, and Hathaway caught him with a big knee. Sanchez survived the round, but spent the remainder of the round on his back. Hathaway controlled the rest of the fight, throwing chingasos, and taking Sanchez out of his game. Hathaway got the unanimous decision.

The next mma fight was
Antonio Rogerio “Little Nog” Nogueira vs. Jason Brilz
This was supposed to be an easy fight for Little Nog. Brilz was able to get takedowns, and nearly finished the fight in the second round with a tight guillotine choke. Little Nog, with his jiu jitsu experience, was able to somehow escape. The third round was more of the same, but Little Nog did trap Brilz in a crucifix with about a minute to go in the fight. Brilz used his strong wrestling base to escape. Little Nog ended up pulling out a controversial split decision.

The next fight, in the UFC 114 card, featured
Mike Russow vs. Todd Duffee
Duffee came into the fight with an incredible physique while Russow did not look like he had been training for an mma fight. Duffee took the fight to Russow, got a chingaso in, and dropped Russow in the first round. Russow survived, but Duffee continued to control as the fight headed into the third round. Duffee continued dominating the fight with Russow having no answer. Halfway through the third round, everything changed. Russow threw one chingaso, a straight cross that caught Duffee. Duffee went down and Russow got the KO.

The co-main event of UFC 114 featured
Michael Bisping vs. Dan Miller
The fight went back and forth with both guys throwing chingasos and keeping it standing through the first two rounds. In the third round, Miller got a takedown, but Bisping used his cage and mma experience to quickly spring back up. The fight ended with a flurry of chingasos from both fighters. Bisping got the unanimous decision.

The fight that everyone was waiting for was
Rashad Evans vs. Quinton “Rampage” Jackson
Evans caught Rampage very early in the first round, and dazed Rampage. While Rampage tried to regain his composure, Evans was able to trap Rampage against the cage before finally getting a takedown. In the second round, Rampage and Evans both threw chingasos. Once again, however, Evans was able to smother Rampage against the cage for a big part of the round. The third round did not disappoint those looking for an exciting mma fight. Rampage caught Evans with a well placed chingaso. Rampage had Evans down and against the cage, throwing chingaso after chingaso. Unfortunately, for the Rampage fans, he missed with most of them, and Evans was able to work his way back up. After getting up, Evans was able to take Rampage down. Rampage got back up, but Evans was able to put him back down on the canvas. This time it was Evans that was able to use some ground and pound to get some chingasos in. Evans was able to use his superior speed to get the unanimous decision over Rampage.

Getting Slammed is A Chingaso!

So you think wrestling is not chingasos worthy. You think wrestling is just guys lying on top of each other. Are you sure about that? Take a fresh look. Not only can wrestlers take you down, control you, ground and pound you, they can also slam you. Ask anyone that has ever been slammed. They will let you know, getting slammed is not a pleasant experience. If you’re still not convinced that wrestling is chingasos worthy, check out what happens when Tito Ortiz slams Evan Tanner in the UFC.

Here’s a good instructional on how to get into position for this slam, and how to finish this slam. Check it out. Practice it. Learn it. Soon you’ll be doing some chingasos worthy wrestling.

Worst Guillotine Ever?

The guillotine is usually one of the first submission techniques you learn when you get into Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), submission grappling or MMA in general. It's considered a basic technique and because of that, everyone hates being caught with it.  Nevertheless, everyone from beginners UFC fighters get caught in it.  What is a bit rare though is the standing guillotine.  Check out this video of a  sick, sick, sick, standing guillotine a few year back in the IFL.
 Here's MMA and former UFC fighter Nick Diaz with a nice video showing a few ways to set up the stand up guillotine submission technique.

UFC 114 Evans vs Rampage

This Saturday May 29th, the UFC finally gets the fight between Rashad Evans and Quinton "Rampage" Jackson going in UFC 114.  The fight was postponed last fall because Rampage took some time off from fighting to co-star in the new A-team movie. Let's just say the UFC president Dana White was not happy.  For a while it seemed that Quinton "Rampage" Jackson and the UFC would part ways.  Fortunately for MMA fans, they smoothed things out and we can finally see Rashad Evans and "Rampage" settle their dislike for each other in the UFC octagon, MMA style.

Check out the UFC 114 Evans vs Rampage Promo

Florez Muay Thai and MMA Gym Event

On Saturday May 15th, Florez Muay Thai and MMA Gym welcomed the Chingasos MMA crew to their Muay Thai, boxing, and MMA event.  The minute we stepped in the place we noticed the energy and excitement in the crowd as fans eagerly waited for the next fight to begin. Fans of chingasos were not disappointed as the competitors traded them relentlessly in the boxing, Muay Thai and MMA matches. Even after all those chingasos, after each and every fight was over, the combatants showed the classic MMA sportsmanship and respect for each other fans have come to expect.

The owners of Florez Muay Thai and MMA Gym, Mark and Allen had the event nicely organized as the breaks between fights were very short and the action never stalled.  

A big thanks to Derrick Martinez from team Judo Box MMA who informed Chingasos MMA of the event, helped organize it, and continues to promote the sport by helping beginners and amateurs get competition experience.  If you would like to compete at the next event at Florez Muay Thai and MMA Gym, e-mail Derrick Martinez at Martinez_MuayThai@yahoo.com 

Here is the slideshow. Videos of some of the matches will be up soon.

Here's the Main Event.  The big boys!

The Chingasos were flying in this boxing match!  Check out the video

Strikeforce Heavy Artillery

Saturday May 15th Strikeforce begins their push to really challenge the UFC and become a force in MMA with their event Heavy Artillery.  This event kicks of a streak of four Strikeforce events in two months.

Strikeforce's Heavy Artillery show is headlined by former Pride star Allistair Overeem facing off against a heavy hitting and rising MMA star Brett Rogers.  Heavy Artillery also showcases Andrei Arlovski vs Antonio Silva, "Jacare" Souza vs Joey Villasenor, Roger Gracie vs Kevin Randleman and Antwain Britt vs Rafael Cavalcante as well as seven more fights on the undercard.

While it's not a great card, I think Strikeforce is doing a good keeping themselves on the MMA radar and showcasing their fighters so as to develop a fan base and set up interesting match ups in future shows.  Only time will tell if their efforts will be good enough to challenge the UFC.

You can watch Strikefore Heavy Artilley on Showtime at 10 p.m ET/PT
Get ready for chingasos with the Strikeforce Heavy Artillery promo video

Triangle Choke in Action

Most MMA fighters, coaches, and trainers would agree that the top position is where you want to be in a fight.  Gravity helps those chingasos rain down. Nevertheless, some fighters are extremely skilled and dangerous from the the bottom and in the guard position.  The triangle submission is just one option you can use to finish a fight from the bottom and while in the guard.  Check out this free MMA video of current UFC fighter Dennis Kang vs Gerard Mousasi a while back fighting in Dream 2.
Check out this free video on a few common mistakes when applying the triangle submission and sharpen up your triangle submission so you can save the chingasos for another fight.
Free Highlight video of Anderson Silva getting caught!
Even top fighters can get caught with the triangle submission if they are not careful. Check out the free highlight video of current UFC middleweight champ Anderson Silva getting caught with the triangle when still fighting for Pride FC.

If you like the triangle submission, check out this free MMA video and see how Fedor gets caught in a traingle armbar combo when he fought Werdum in Strikeforce.

Wow!  Who would have thought Fedor would ever fall for the triangle submission?

To learn how to do the traingle submission technique properly, stop by one of the many MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) gyms in Los Angeles. 

UFC 113 Picks and Preview

Once again it's time for the biggest organization in MMA to put on a show.  UFC 113 is up next, Saturday May 8th.  This UFC card has some interesting match ups, and by interesting, I mean it will be interesting to see if the headliner Lyoto Machida will continue to be a defensive fighter with a propensity to be passive or will he go after the win and be aggressive like a true champ should be.  Interestingly enough, this will be Lyoto Machida vs Mauricio "Shogun" Rua part two.  Their first fight went to a decision and I'm hoping this fight doesn't do the same.  

A match up that has fight of the night written all over is Josh Koscheck vs. Paul Daley.  Koscheck has awesome wrestling skills while Paul Daley is a world class striker with KO ability.  If Koscheck is smart, he'll take the fight to the ground and finish with ground and pound, but... and a big but, Koscheck has been known to set his wrestling skills aside and chose to stand and trade chingasos.  If he choses to do that, don't blink!
Check out the UFC countdown video on Machida vs Shogun and Koscheck vs Daley

Kimbo vs Mitrione will be interesting to watch if just to see how much Kimbo has evolved from being a Youtube street fighting sensation, to a full blown real MMA fighter.  Both of these fighters were on the Ultimate Fighter Show and are still in the beginning stages of their MMA career and they both have a lot to prove.
Check out the UFC Countdown video on Kimbo vs Mitrione

Here are the Chingasos MMA official picks for UFC 113
Machida via decision
Koscheck via ground and pound
Kimob via KO

Proving Grounds 2 at The Fight Academy in Pasadena

Last night, Saturday May 1st, Savant Young and the Fight Academy once again brought MMA fights to Pasadena with Proving Grounds 2. The Fight Academy was filled to capacity to witness 18 MMA fighters match up and put their MMA skills to the test. Jamie Yager from the Ultimate Fighter Show and Yessi Ortiz from Power 106 were on hand to help Savant Young MC the event. 

The night was action packed with none of the competitors holding back chingasos, takedowns, or submissions.  The crowd roared with excitement throughout the night as the fighters eagerly showcased their skills and gave it all they had in the Fight Academy cage.  Here's a slideshow and two fight videos from that night to give you a taste of the on goings of the night. Contact Savant Young from the Fight Academy to get the Official Proving Grounds 2 DVD.

Check out Jesses Escobedo and Moses Murrietta leaving nothing to chance and throwing chingasos fast and furious.  Like true warriors they made the decision to finish or be finished. More videos from Proving Grounds at the Fight Academy will be up soon.

In the fight of the night, and what some felt was a controversial decision, Kenny Hwang and Johnathan Garcia go to battle in the Fight Academy cage. Place you're vote on whether you agree with the decision on the right.

If you would like to train at the Fight Academy, check out their website www.FightAcademyMMA.com or if you would like to compete at their next event contact Savant Young.

Shoulder Lock From Kesagatame/Scarfold in MMA

The ladies of MMA sure know how to put on a show. They seem to put on some of the best fights in MMA.  If you like chingasos, takedowns and submissions, this fight between Miku and Lisa Ward will not disappoint.  Check it out the video.
Here is a good instructional video on the shoulder submission lock that was used from kesagatame position (a.k.a scarfhold) to finish the fight.