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The Heel Hook in Action

The heel hook is one of those submission that can not only end an MMA fight, but can cause serious injury and end a career.  The heel hook submission done properly puts a lot of strain on the knee and will tear ligaments quickly if you don't tap on time.  Check out the free MMA video of Masakazu Imanari vs. Jean Silva.  After trading some chingasos, Imanari slaps on the dreaded heel hook submission. Ouch!!

Here's a free video of MMA legend Bass Rutten demonstrating how to perform the heel hook submission.  Check it out!

The heel hook can be a dangerous submission technique.  If you're in the Los Angeles area, stop by on of the great MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) Gyms and get some hands on instruction on how to properly perform the heel hook as well as how to safely practice the technique.  Check out our Los Angles MMA Gyms article.