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Armbar Submission in MMA

The armbar is a staple submission for any MMA practioner.  It can be set up in a variety of methods, but even the most basic set up can render results.  Even in the highest levels of competition, the armbar submission is still effective and can end an MMA fight quickly.  Check out the free MMA fight video between  Fedor Emelianenko and  Mark Coleman in Pride FC a few years back.  Coleman was off to a good start, and then.....Check out the video.

Here is an instructional on one way to set up the armbar submission.  Even for the advanced, it's a good idea to go over the basics.  Check out the free video.

Here's  a free MMA video of Fedor going at it again and finishing Matt Lindland with a nice armbar submission. Great technique!

Check out this free MMA video of a fight between Joachim Hansen and Kultar Gill. Joachim shows off some nice transitions before finishing with the armbar submission.

Check out another free video: Ground Control With Nice Armbar Finish 

If you're a fan of the armbar, here's another video showing off the submission technique.  This fight took place at an amateur CAMO sanctioned MMA event in Pasadena.

Here's a recent fight showcasing the armbar submission.  It went down at Strikeforce.  The fight was between Shane Del Rosario and Lavar Johnson.

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