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Kimura Submission

After watching George St. Pierre and  Dan Hardy go at it at UFC 111, I must say that I'm impressed with Hardy's toughness.  It's either toughness or just plain crazy because Pierre almost took off his arm on two occasions with a kimura submission attempt and Hardy did not tap.  Wow!  Pierre won via decision, but give Hardy credit for taking plenty of chingasos, avoiding the kimura submission and making it the distance with the champ.  

Hardy getting out of the armbar early in the fight was impressive, but what I found even more impressive is not tapping to that vicious kimura attempt late in the fight.  Anyone that's ever grappled knows that once you're fatigued, it is much more difficult to escape submissions.  Pierre had that kimura on tight and I thought Hardy's shoulder would end up like Renzo Gracie's shoulder when he fought Kazushi Sakuraba.

Check out this free MMA video highlight of the two legends, Renzo Gracie and Kazushi Sakuraba throwing chingasos and then a kimura finish (without a tap).

Here's a video instructional on how Sakuraba likes to set up and finish the kimura submission.  

Thanks to Ricardo for sending in the links for the videos.

The kimura is a basic submission, but even at the highest levels, if you set it up properly, it can end a fight.  Check out this free MMA video of Alistair Overeem vs Fabricio Werdum.  The video picks up the fight in round 2. 
Stop by on of the great MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) gyms in Los Angeles and learn how to perform the kimura properly, as well as other MMA techniques.  Check out the Los Angeles MMA Gyms article.