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Brandon Vera vs Jon Jones UFC Prediction

This Sunday March 21st, the UFC is putting on a fight that will be shown free on the Versus channel. Even though it will be shown on Versus for free, the UFC is not getting or going cheap with this card. They're actually putting on some good fights on this card.  The main event is Brandon Vera vs. Jon Jones.

I'm taking Jon Jones in this fight.  He's more athletic and more aggressive then Brandon Vera.  Vera has disappointed every time he's had a big fight, and I'm not expecting any different from him in this fight.  He seems to fight not to lose. Jones on the other hand has demolished everyone that's been put in front of him.  He's hungry, and I expect him to dominate.

Other good fights on this  card are Dos Santos vs. Gonzaga and Kongo vs. Buentello.  Both of those fights are heavy weight fights and I expect someone to get knocked the &*%$# out (KTFO).