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Arm Triangle Choke and BJ Penn Ending a Fight in MMA

The head and arm choke from the mount position (a.k.a arm triangle choke)is one of the best options and submissions to end an MMA fight, grappling match or even a street fight.  Here is a free video instructional on how to do the arm triangle choke submission from the top position.  Then check out a free video of MMA super star and UFC champ BJ Penn pulling off the arm triangle choke submission and ending an MMA fight against Dwane Ludwig.

Here's the free video of the arm triangle submission BJ Penn pulled off against Dwane Ludwig in an MMA fight. 
Here's a free MMA video of Vitor "Shaolin" Ribeiro vs Joe Hurley.  Vitor finishes the fight and gets the submission with the arm triangle technique.

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