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Highlights of Chingasos and KO's

If you're a fan of KO's, then this highlight put together by The Mr MMA Guy at youtube will surely entertain.  Chingasos in abundance from Pride FC, UFC and the IFL. 

Kimura Submission

After watching George St. Pierre and  Dan Hardy go at it at UFC 111, I must say that I'm impressed with Hardy's toughness.  It's either toughness or just plain crazy because Pierre almost took off his arm on two occasions with a kimura submission attempt and Hardy did not tap.  Wow!  Pierre won via decision, but give Hardy credit for taking plenty of chingasos, avoiding the kimura submission and making it the distance with the champ.  

Hardy getting out of the armbar early in the fight was impressive, but what I found even more impressive is not tapping to that vicious kimura attempt late in the fight.  Anyone that's ever grappled knows that once you're fatigued, it is much more difficult to escape submissions.  Pierre had that kimura on tight and I thought Hardy's shoulder would end up like Renzo Gracie's shoulder when he fought Kazushi Sakuraba.

Check out this free MMA video highlight of the two legends, Renzo Gracie and Kazushi Sakuraba throwing chingasos and then a kimura finish (without a tap).

Here's a video instructional on how Sakuraba likes to set up and finish the kimura submission.  

Thanks to Ricardo for sending in the links for the videos.

The kimura is a basic submission, but even at the highest levels, if you set it up properly, it can end a fight.  Check out this free MMA video of Alistair Overeem vs Fabricio Werdum.  The video picks up the fight in round 2. 
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UFC 111 St. Pierre vs Dan Hardy Picks and Rundown

This Saturday March 27th St Pierre will defend his welterweight title against Dan Hardy in UFC 111.  While the fight is being hyped as it should, and as fights usually are, MMA fans know that Hardy is a real long shot.  I believe his only chance, is that of every fighter who possesses knockout power, a punchers chance.  St. Pierre would have to make a big mistake in his stand up and Hardy would have to be at the right place at the right time and ready to capitalize on that mistake.  Unfortunately for Hardy, St. Pierre doesn't make many mistakes, standing, or on the ground.  This is an easy pick.  I'm taking St. Pierre by ground and pound, possibly finishing by elbows in the 3rd round.

The other big fight on this card is former heavyweight champ Frank Mir vs. Shane Carwin.  While Frank Mir is a former champ and has plenty of experience, he's had trouble with big strong guys with power.  Mir was losing the first fight against Brock Lesnar before he took advantage of Brock's inexperience and submitted him with a knee bar.  In the second fight against Brock he had the same trouble, but this time Brock had some experience under his belt and was able to finish off Mir.  My pick for this fight is Shane Carwin by KO in the second round.  Chingasos for sure!

Check out the UFC video preview of Pierre vs. Hardy.  Nice video!

Fedor, Chingasos and The Rear Naked Choke

The rear naked choke submission (RNC), or as the Brazilians call it, the monte leon, is one of the best finishing techniques in MMA or any fight for that matter.  Check out this free MMA video and see how Fedor Emelianenko uses it to finish off Tim Sylvia in a title fight. Now that's a nice example of how to use the rear naked choke (RNC) submission to finish off an MMA fight. Notice how he sets it up with some brutal chingasos!

Hear is a free video of UFC fighter Kenny Florian demonstrating how to accomplish the rear naked choke.  There are some nice tips and tricks so pay attention if you have trouble finishing the RNC submission.  
Rear Naked Choke Video 

Get hands on instruction on how to perform the rear naked choke (RNC) so that you can learn the small details that will make a big difference in a fight.  Stop by one of the MMA gyms in the Los Angeles area.  

Super Man Punch 101

One of the exciting things about MMA is that there are many ways a fight can come to an end.  Obviously a knock out is one of those ways, but it's not easy to get a knock out. It takes technique and power. The super man punch is one of those techniques that can, and will end an MMA fight quickly if you have the power and the proper technique.  Check out a free MMA video of Savant Young from the Fight Academy in Pasadena California finishing an MMA fight with the super man punch.  It's the epitome of technique and power coming together to end an MMA fight.

Now that's a chingaso!

If you're in the Pasadena area, stop by the Fight Academy and get a personal lesson from Savant Young. The Fight Academy is located at 61 West Valley Street Pasadena, CA 91105.  Their phone number is 626-737-0442.

  If you can't make it to the Fight Academy in Pasadena, here is Savant Young and MMA legend Bas Rutten going over the super man punch in a free instructional video.

Check out this free MMA video: Here's another Superman KO

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Masakuzu Imanari The Leg Lock Guy

For those of you that enjoy leg locks, Masaku Imanari is a fighter you need to know.  I've seen him complete more leg locks in MMA than any other fighter.  Here's a good example of what he likes to do in MMA.  Check out his fight against George Gurgel.  You might want to forward the video to the beginning of the fight at 1:18.

Here's another nice leg lock (heel hook) in a fight against Jean Silva at Elite XC

Masakazu Imanari is known as a leg lock specialist, but that's not all he can do.  Check out this nice finish in his fight against Robbie Olivier in a title fight at Cage Rage 20.  

Jon "Bones" Jones is The Real Deal

I hope you read my earlier post before you made your bets this weekend.  If you didn't ,you probably lost some lunch money and or you're sitting there stunned that Jon Jones finished Brandon Vera so easily.  Jon Jones is the real deal in MMA and is a rising star in the UFC.

After demolishing Vera, the only thing left for the UFC is to decide who he gets to run through next.  Will it be a gatekeeper, or a straight shot at the title?  Well, maybe a title shot is to soon for him at this point since the light heavyweight division is stacked, but I would definitely like to see him matched up with a top contender.  Rashad Evans would definitely be a matchup I'd like to see.  It will be interesting to see who the UFC throws at him next.

Brandon Vera vs Jon Jones UFC Prediction

This Sunday March 21st, the UFC is putting on a fight that will be shown free on the Versus channel. Even though it will be shown on Versus for free, the UFC is not getting or going cheap with this card. They're actually putting on some good fights on this card.  The main event is Brandon Vera vs. Jon Jones.

I'm taking Jon Jones in this fight.  He's more athletic and more aggressive then Brandon Vera.  Vera has disappointed every time he's had a big fight, and I'm not expecting any different from him in this fight.  He seems to fight not to lose. Jones on the other hand has demolished everyone that's been put in front of him.  He's hungry, and I expect him to dominate.

Other good fights on this  card are Dos Santos vs. Gonzaga and Kongo vs. Buentello.  Both of those fights are heavy weight fights and I expect someone to get knocked the &*%$# out (KTFO).

Nick Diaz,Takanori Gomi and The Gogoplata

If you're an MMA fan, then the Nick Diaz vs. Takanori Gomi fight in Pride 33 is a must watch.  This fight had a little bit of everything, striking, wrestling, ground fighting and to top it off, a nice submission to end the fight.

The submission Nick Diaz used is known as the gogoplata. Here is a video showing the submission technique.

The Most Exciting Submission in MMA History

Is the heel hook that Ryo Chonan slapped on Anderson (The Spider) Silva the most exciting submission in MMA history?  If it's not, I would love to see a more exciting one.  Chonan going for that and getting it is like a football team down by a touchdown and completing the hail marry pass.  What makes this extremely exciting is the fact that heel hooks  rarely get pulled off in MMA, let alone after a good beating.  Chonan was getting beat, and getting beat bad.  The attempt was a last ditch effort and to everyone's surprise he pulled it off.  Wow! Just Wow!.  Check out the video.

Guillotine Submission in MMA

The guillotine choke submission is most commonly used from the guard position, but it can also be done from the mount.  In the Jake Sheilds  vs Nick Thompson fight, Shields uses a single leg takedown to get the fight to the ground.  He then takes the mount position and finishes the fight with the guillotine submission.  Check out the free MMA fight video to see the guillotine submission in action.

Now that you've seen the guillotine submission in MMA action, check out a free video instructional on how to get the submission on an opponent.

A few years ago, Dan Miller uses the nasties guillotine I've ever seen to submit Dave Phillips.  It almost looked like Phillips head was about to pop off.  Check out the free MMA fight video. 
Feel free to submit videos with the guillotine submission in action to add to this collection.  It will be helpful for those learning MMA techniques and for those that just want to see them in action. 

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Arm Triangle Choke and BJ Penn Ending a Fight in MMA

The head and arm choke from the mount position (a.k.a arm triangle choke)is one of the best options and submissions to end an MMA fight, grappling match or even a street fight.  Here is a free video instructional on how to do the arm triangle choke submission from the top position.  Then check out a free video of MMA super star and UFC champ BJ Penn pulling off the arm triangle choke submission and ending an MMA fight against Dwane Ludwig.

Here's the free video of the arm triangle submission BJ Penn pulled off against Dwane Ludwig in an MMA fight. 
Here's a free MMA video of Vitor "Shaolin" Ribeiro vs Joe Hurley.  Vitor finishes the fight and gets the submission with the arm triangle technique.

Learn the arm triangle and more Mixed Martial Arts techniques in Los Angeles, check out our article on Los Angeles MMA Gyms.

Worst MMA Knockout?

The other day I posted a highlight video of 10 awesome knockouts in MMA and while those were definitely awesome KO's, my brother reminded me of the Crocop vs Gonzaga fight.  At the time Mirko Crocop was coming over from PRIDE and was considered one of the best heavyweight fighters in the world.  He was also known for his great leg kicks and devastating knock outs.  Gabriel Gonzaga was an up and comer in the UFC and was facing a real test in this fight.  If you haven't seen this fight, it's a must watch!

Mirko Crocop vs. Gabriel Gonzaga - UFC70
Uploaded by karim10059.

Monson Choke in MMA

If you've been training in MMA or submission grappling for any length of time, then you've probably heard of the Monson choke.  Here is a free video of Jeff Monson showing how to perform the Monson choke submission properly and then I also found a free MMA video of Jeff Monson actually pulling off the Monson choke and winning a fight in MMA.  

Monson Choke free Instructional Video
Monson Choke in MMA Free Video

The Monson choke can be a tricky submission.  Make sure to get hand on instruction so that you can perform this technique optimally.  If you're in the Los Angeles area, stop by one of the many MMA gyms in the area. 

10 Awesome Knockouts in MMA

Knockouts in MMA tend to be crowd pleasers.  While some fighters are submission specialist, others are knockout artists.  But in MMA you just never who's going to do what.  That's part of the thrill that comes along with watching MMA, but since I have been posting some submission stuff, I thought I would post this top 10 knockouts in MMA vid to change it up.  Enjoy

UFC 111 St. Pierre vs Dan Hardy

UFC 111 looks like another good one for MMA fans.  St. Pierre has been untouchable at 170 lbs but this fight will pose a challenge.  I don't think Pierre has faced someone with the punching power that Dan Hardy possesses.  Hardy has risen through the UFC ranks with dominating performances but he as not faced an all around MMA fighter like Pierre.  While Hardy is said to have a good ground game, he really hasn't had a chance to show it in the UFC.  Even so, I think his best bet is going to be standing with Pierre because BJJ masters like BJ Penn haven't been able to stifle Pierre on the ground.  I'm looking forward to seeing what Hardy's game plan will be.  Pierre will no doubt come in with a good strategy as usual.

MMA Highlight Video

You gotta love MMA fans.  They put together some of the best highlight videos.  If you want to let someone know what MMA is all about, and give them and intro into the sport, this is a nice video.  Check it out.

Classic Video For Submission Fans

If you're a fan of submissions, BJJ and or any of the submission wrestling/grappling arts, this is one of the classic videos you must check out.  Plenty of submissions to get you pumped and ready to train those armbars and chokes.