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MMA Fight of The Year Nominees Part 2

As we continue to nominate fights for the Chingasos MMA 2010 fight of the year, we thought it was important not to forget some of the smaller shows in MMA.  Last Spring, two amateur MMA fighters, Moses Murrietta and Jesse Escobedo, went to MMA war at Proving Grounds 2 held at the Fight Academy MMA gym in Pasadena, California. 

While this fight might not have been as technical as others, or even showed off all the aspects of MMA, I'm nominating it because of the nonstop action and the "no retreat, no surrender" attitude these two MMA warriors stepped inside the cage with. 
Check out the fight video.

1 comment:

  1. yeah it was a good fight between me and mo he caught me with a left hook while my right hand was coming foward.i actually tore my ligament's on my ankle you can see it on the end of the fight.i haven't fought since but it's a new year and i can't wait to get in the cage.thank's for the love chingasos MMA YOUR HOMEBOY JESSE 2-KRAZY ESCOBEDO