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UFC 111 St. Pierre vs Dan Hardy Picks and Rundown

This Saturday March 27th St Pierre will defend his welterweight title against Dan Hardy in UFC 111.  While the fight is being hyped as it should, and as fights usually are, MMA fans know that Hardy is a real long shot.  I believe his only chance, is that of every fighter who possesses knockout power, a punchers chance.  St. Pierre would have to make a big mistake in his stand up and Hardy would have to be at the right place at the right time and ready to capitalize on that mistake.  Unfortunately for Hardy, St. Pierre doesn't make many mistakes, standing, or on the ground.  This is an easy pick.  I'm taking St. Pierre by ground and pound, possibly finishing by elbows in the 3rd round.

The other big fight on this card is former heavyweight champ Frank Mir vs. Shane Carwin.  While Frank Mir is a former champ and has plenty of experience, he's had trouble with big strong guys with power.  Mir was losing the first fight against Brock Lesnar before he took advantage of Brock's inexperience and submitted him with a knee bar.  In the second fight against Brock he had the same trouble, but this time Brock had some experience under his belt and was able to finish off Mir.  My pick for this fight is Shane Carwin by KO in the second round.  Chingasos for sure!

Check out the UFC video preview of Pierre vs. Hardy.  Nice video!

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  1. nice write up! I've bookmarked your site for future post!! keep em coming

    honestly cant wait for GSP to shut up Dan Hardy.. Dan Hardy is NO competition for GSP … Thiago Alves is a better competitor than Dan Hardy and Alves got his pounded by GSP with a pulled groin. Dan Hardy is a JOKE!!

    In depth preview for UFC 111 with predictions, pictures and of course octagon girls.

    Mir/Carwin Hardy/GSP is the best card we have seen since UFC 100 (the
    last time GSP fought) and Hardy is talking lots of trash.
    GSP is a heavy favourite and by all means should dominate YET again..
    Carwin and Mir is gonna be ridiculous!! Think Carwin will knock him out? Hard to say, Mir has looked so much better and dominated Kongo but none of Carwins fights have went past 2:30 of round 1.. gonna be amazing!!