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UFC 199: Luke Rockhold vs Michael Bisping 2 Fight Pick & Preview

Rockhold Bisping Fight Free Preview
The main event at UFC 199 changed a few weeks ago, but, it might even be better now!  Michael Bisping is stepping in for the injured Chris Weidman to take on the champion Luke Rockhold.  Bisping can go toe to toe with anyone as his recent victory over MMA legend and former UFC champion Anderson Silva clearly proved!  Let’s take a closer look at these fighters and then I’ll make my UFC main event fight pick for UFC 199: Luke Rockhold vs. Michael Lisping 2. 

Luke Rockhold is coming into this UFC middleweight title defense with an overall MMA record of 15-2. He hasn’t lost a fight since 2013 when he was KO’ed by Vitor Belfort.  Keep in mind, back then, Vitor was using TRT and hasn’t been the same since the UFC adopted stricter PED (performance enhancing drug) testing procedures.  Rockhold rose to the UFC throne by defeating some of the best in the middleweight division, including wins over MMA great Lyoto Machida, and former champion Chris Weidman.  

Luke Rockhold is a fight finisher! He’s ended 13 of his 15 wins, 9 by submission and 4 by KO/TKO. His overall MMA technique is extremely solid. Rockhold's strength and power added on to his kicking technique has been the edge which has propelled him to dominating performances.  Rockhold is as tough as they come in the UFC and has shown that it's true that iron sharpens iron as he also trains with two of the other toughest fighters in the UFC, Daniel Cormier and Cain Velasquez.  That’s a lot for Michael Bisping to handle on short notice but...

Michael Bisping is a UFC veteran.  He’s not going to be raddled by the bright lights and huge crowds.  Bisping has faced some of the best fighters in MMA and has racked up an overall MMA record of 28-7.  Bisping is on a three fight winning streak that culminated in a win over Anderson Silva.  

Michael Bisping likes to stand and brings in a full gas tank to every fight.  He’s shown that he can go all five rounds and win as his last two fights have proven. While he hasn’t shown much KO/TKO power recently, he does have 15 KO/TKO’s on his resume.  He had 4 submission victories early in his career, but now he’s more of a sprawl and brawl fighter.  He uses the ground game defensively and to get the fight standing where he’s most effective.  

Luke Rockhold is a huge favorite in this rematch. He already has a win over Bisping.  He’s bigger. He’s stronger.  He’s younger. His wrestling is better.  His submission game is better.  He had a full camp.  On paper, the winner of this fight should be easy to pick.

With all that being said, I’m picking Bisping for the win.  Why?  Well, for two reasons. One, this is probably Bisping’s last shot at a UFC title and I have a feeling he’s going to bring his A game plus a sense of urgency.  Two, there seems to be cloud of weird and whacky hovering over the UFC’s middleweight division. 

The weird and whacky started with Chris Weidman knocking out Silva.  Then, in the rematch, Silva breaks his leg.  And, just as Weidman is proving to the world that his championship was no fluke, in his title defense agains Luke Rockhold, he attempts a fancy wheel kick late in a close fight, misses, falls and seemingly gift wrapped the championship for Rockhold. Rockhold pounced on Weidman and eventually finishes him off. 

Look for Bisping to stay on the outside and strategically but possibly boringly drag the fight into the later rounds. Rockhold has only gone past the second round three times.  The later rounds is where Bisping’s gas tank and experience will give him an advantage.  He’ll look to avoid Rockhold’s big chingasos and land some peppering shots in an effort to win rounds and take the decision victory.  

Am I crazy for picking Bisping?  Or, will the weird and whacky in the UFC’s middleweight division continue? 

Check out the UFC video, Countdown to UFC 199: Luke Rockhold vs Michael Bisping 2

UFC 198: Fabricio Werdum vs. Stipe Miocic Fight Pick & Preview

UFC 198 fight video preview
The fight card for UFC 198 is arguably the best so far in 2016.  It will be headlined by UFC heavyweight champion Fabricio Werdum and number one contender Stipe Miocic.  Werdum is out to prove that becoming the UFC heavyweight champion was no fluke!  Miocic has been showcasing powerful chingasos and is establishing himself as a knockout artist. Taking out Werdum would be a nice feather in his cap and he would become the most feared fighter in MMA.  Let’s take a closer look at these two fighters and then I’ll make my fight pick for UFC 198: Fabricio Werdum vs. Stipe Miocic. 

Stipe Miocic is coming into UFC 198 with an overall professional MMA record of 14-2.  Ten of those wins have come via KO/TKO.  He went undefeated in his amateur career where he finished off all 5 opponents in the first round via TKO.  Most recently he’s coming off back to back TKO wins over MMA legends Andre Arlovski and Mark Hunt. 

Stipe Miocic can finish fights and he can do it quickly.  His boxing skills are his bread and butter. He uses wrestling when needed to set up his striking and fight finishing combos. Add to that great conditioning, movement and angle set ups and you can see why Miocic is becoming a terror in the UFC.  Will it be enough to defeat Fabricio Werdum and become UFC heavyweight champion?  

Fabricio Werdum is an MMA veteran and he’s fought the best of the best.  He’s been in professional MMA since 2002 and has racked up a record of 20-5.  Keep in mind that unlike boxing, every MMA fight is a tough matchup. More often than not, Werdum has matched up not only against another MMA fighter, but a great MMA fighter.  Werdum has finished 16 of those 20 wins, 10 via submission and there other 6 via KO/TKO. Werdum is undefeated in the UFC since entering back in 2012.  Werdum is an extremely intelligent fighter and finds a way to win.  

Fabricio Werdum is a world class submission artist, but what makes him even more dangerous is that his stand up seems to improve more and more every fight.  With Werdum, there is no safe place.  He can stand and bang with the best, but if the fight goes to the ground, you can wrap up that “W” because even MMA legends such as Fedor Emelianenko, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira and Cain Velasquez have all fallen victim to Werdum’s submission game.  

Stipe Miocic has risen through the UFC ranks quickly and deserves this shot at Fabricio Werdum.  He has the KO chingaso power, conditioning and skills to beat Werdum.  But, Werdum has experience and an excellent grappling game on his side.  Werdum will be clever enough to avoid big chingasos and drag the fight along into the later rounds.  Look for Werdum to frustrate Miocic and bait him into making a mistake.  Werdums experience will take over and he will find a way to win.  

Check out the UFC video, Countdown to UFC 198: Fabricio Werdum vs Stipe Miocic

Who do you think will get the big “W” at UFC 197: Fabricio Werdum vs Stipe Miocic? 

UFC 197: Jon Jones vs Ovince Saint Preux Fight Pick & Preview

free ufc jon jones vs ovince saint preux  video preview
The main event fight at UFC 197 is not the one we wanted to see, but it's the fight that we have. Daniel Cormier dropped out due to injury. Luckily though, Jon Jones is still fighting and it’s his come back fight. Will Jon Jones be ready to take his title back and cement his place in UFC history as the greatest MMA fighter that has ever lived? Well Ovince Saint Preux has stepped up in place of Daniel Cormier and wants to derail the Jon Jones train.  Let’s take a closer look at these fighters, and then I’ll make my main event fight pick for UFC 197: Jon Jones vs. Ovince Saint Preux.  

The casual UFC fan probably hasn’t heard of Ovince Saint Preux. He’s flown under the radar a bit, but his ability to finish fights has punched his ticket into this match up with Jon Jones. Ovince St. Preux (OSP) is 19-7 overall and 7-2 in the UFC.  He has finished 73% of his fights, 9 by KO/TKO and 5 by submission.  

OSP is a powerful fighter, making it past the first round has been quite the challenge for his opponents.  He brings heavy, powerful chingasos to the fight game.  His bones, versus an opponents dome is a bad combination.  Jon Jones has been able to avoid being knocked out in a fight, but will this be the fight where it happens? 

Jon Jones is already a UFC and MMA legend.  He’s beat everyone that has stepped in the cage to face him.  He has an overall record of 21-1.  That one loss was a DQ early in his career where he dropped an illegal elbow on his opponent.  He would have one that fight.  Anyway, Jones is a natural athlete that has adopted MMA as his sport of choice.  His natural athletic ability mixed in with great coaching has turned him into an MMA fighting machine!  

Jon Jones has no known weaknesses.  When he faces so called strikers, he out strikes them.  When he faces wrestlers, he out wrestles them.  When he’s faced good jiu jitsu fighters, he chokes them out.  Jones has incredible ability!  His only losses have been outside of the cage.  He’s gotten into some legal trouble, and it cost him the UFC belt.  

This fight is Jon Jones comeback fight.  Will he be the same fighter he was before he was stripped of the belt?  I think so.  Now, he might even be more dangerous.  Now, he might be more focused and ready to prove to the world he’s absolutely serious about being the best MMA fighter ever.  

Look for Jon Jones to start slow. Jon Jones knows OSP has nothing to lose and there’s danger in that.  Jones will allow OSP to burn off some energy and power.  Then slowly but surely, Jones will turn up the heat. Jones will begin to use his superior technique to outclass OSP in every aspect of MMA.  I doubt this fight will make it past the fourth round and the finish will showcase Jones’s technique, power and strength. 

Check out the UFC video, Countdown to UFC 197: Jon Jones vs Ovince Saint Preux

Who do you think will get the big “W” at UFC 197: Jon Jones vs Ovince Saint Preux?