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UFC 192 Daniel Cormier vs Alexander Gustafsson Fight Pick & Preview

UFC 192 is going down later tonight and this one is going to be interesting.  Daniel Cormier has a lot to prove!  Sure, he’s the light heavyweight UFC Champion, but, he didn’t beat the champ to become the champ.  Daniel Cormier became champion after the belt was stripped from Jon Jones for his out of the octagon legal issues.  He did beat Anthony “Rumble” Johnson to earn the title that was up for grabs, but most MMA fans still see Cormier as only the second best in the division.  Alexander Gustafsson also has a lot to prove, he lost his last fight, but the UFC is still giving him this opportunity.  Let’s take a closer look at these fighters and then I’ll make my fight pick for UFC 192: Daniel Cormier vs Alexander Gustaffson.  

Daniel Cormier is coming into to his first UFC title defense with an overall record of 16-1.  That one loss was to the best pound for pound fighter in the UFC, Jon Jones. Cormier is out to prove that he deserves the title and that he is one of the best overall fighters in the UFC.  

Daniel Cormier is arguably the best wrestler in the UFC.  His striking is constantly improving and his wins against top level guys is proof of his ability to step up to challenges.  Cormier is a grinder and is constantly on the attack.  His gas tank and grind overwhelms most of his opponents.  Will he be able to overwhelm Alexander Gustafsson? 

Alexander Gustafson is getting another chance at becoming the UFC light heavyweight champion.  He comes into this fight with an overall record of 16-3 and has finished 13 of those 16 wins (10 via KO/TKO and 3 submissions). His first title shot in which he almost beat Jon Jones put him on the map!  Gustafsson has excellent striking and his length gives opponents trouble.  Cormier had trouble with the striking ability and length of Jon Jones, will Gustafsson also be trouble? 

Look for Daniel Cormier to come into this fight with a better game plan that what he had versus Jon Jones.  Cormier gained valuable experience when he fought Jon Jones and that will carry him through this fight.  The early rounds might be close, but Cormier will begin to wear Gustafsson down and take him into deep waters. Gustafsson has done really well agains mid level contenders, but has faltered when the heat is turned up and he’s facing tougher competition.  I see Cormier winning this fight in the later rounds by ground and pound or by a unanimous decision.  

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UFC 191 Demetrious Johnson vs John Dodson 2 Fight Pick & Preview

UFC 191 Video Preview Johnson vs Dodson
The Flyweight division in the UFC hasn’t exactly been an MMA fan favorite.  Nevertheless, the UFC continues to showcase the division hoping that at some point the fans will gravitate towards it.  The main event at UFC 191 will be a rematch between Demetrious Johnson and John Dodson. At 5’3”, both fighters are diminutive in size but not in heart.  Expect a quick action packed fight.  Let’s take a closer look at these fighters and then I’ll make my fight pick for  UFC 191.

John Dodson comes into UFC 191 with an overall MMA record of 17-6.  More impressively, he’s 8-1 in his last 9 fights with the only loss coming to Demetrious Johnson in a close decision that many thought Dodson had pulled out.  Dodson is small but packs in a lot of power.  He has finishes 8 of his 17 wins via KO/TKO and has finished 2 out of the last 3 via KO/TKO.  In the first match up, Dodson rocked Johnson and came very close to finishing the fight in the early rounds. 

Demetrius Johnson is defending his Flyweight title and is coming into UFC 191 with an overall MMA record of 22-2.  Johnson is on an 8 fight winning streak and is seemingly getting better and better.  In his last 5 fights, he’s submitted 3 of his opponents and KO’ed another.  Johnson specializes in putting on the pressure until he mentally and physically breaks down his opponents.  

In this rematch, look for Dodson to be more aggressive.  He missed several opportunities to finish the fight in their first meeting.  As the fight wore on, Johnson was able to adapt and he figured out how to grind Dodson down.  Dodson will have to keep the fight standing in order to give himself the best opportunity to win.  

Keeping the fight standing against Demetrious Johnson won’t be an easy task.  Look for Johnson to push the pace and look for takedowns.  Sooner or later, Johnson will find openings and will take control of the fight.  Johnson will once again walk out of the UFC Octagon with the Flyweight belt! 

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UFC 190 Ronda Rousey vs Bethe Correia Fight Pick & Preview

UFC 190 Fight Video Rousey Correia
UFC 190 is going down in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil this Saturday August 1. The main event will feature the most dangerous woman in the world and what some would consider best pound for pound MMA fighter, UFC bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey.  While Rousey will most likely be highly favored in this fight, she will be facing her toughest opponent yet in undefeated number 1 contender Bethe Correia. Let’s take a closer look at these MMA fighters and then I’ll make my fight pick for UFC 190 Ronda Rousey vs. Bethe Correia.  

Bethe Correia has earned this title shot by racking up an overall MMA record of 9-0.  She grabbed the attention of Rousey by knocking off two of the 4 horsemen (Rousey's friends/training partners), one via decision and another by TKO.  Correia has very good stand up and does well fending off takedowns and submission attempts.  

Ronday Rousey is 11-0. She’s the UFC’s first women’s bantamweight champion and has faced the best of the best ever since. She has finished every single opponent and has rarely been in any kind of trouble. Some would consider her the best pound for pound MMA fighter male or female.  With all that being said, Bethe Correia is the hardest hitting fighter Rousey has faced. 

Once two fighters enter the UFC cage, anything can happen. But, lets make no mistake here, Ronda Rousey will have to have a horrible day at the office, while Bethe Correia will have to have the best day of her career in order for the champ to be dethroned.  If Correia can somehow avoid the clinch and land big punches, she has a punchers chance.  If not, the fight will go downhill for Correia as soon as Rousey gets to that clinch position.  

Watch for Correia to somehow make it past the first round.  Maybe it will be because of her skill and heart, or, most likely it will be because Rousey wants to prolong the fight and hand out some punishment for Correia's remarks leading up to the fight which Rousey took very personally.  Either way, this fight won’t make it past the secong round and Rousey will once again walk out of that UFC cage undefeated.  

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Who do you think will win?