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UFC 205 Conor McGregor vs Eddie Alvarez Fight Pick & Preview

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UFC 205 has to be one of the best fight cards this year and it’s being headlined by a great fight.  For the first time in UFC history, two champions from different weight classes will face each other.  Conor McGregor vs Eddie Alvarez is going to be a chingasosfest! Let’s take a closer look at each fighter and then I’ll make the official Chingasos MMA fight pick for Conor McGregor vs Eddie Alvarez.  

Conor McGregor is coming into this title fight with an overall record of 23-3.  Keep in mind two of those loses where early in his career.  He rattled off victory after victory until he stepped up two weight classes to 170 lbs to fight Nate Diaz.  As we all know, he’s avenged that loss at that higher weight class.  Now he’s coming back down a weight class to challenge for the 155 lbs title.  

Conor McGregor showed finishing KO power in the 145 lbs division.  He finished 17 of his 19 wins via KO/TKO. He couldn’t KO/TKO Nate Diaz at 170 lbs, but Diaz has one of the best chins in MMA, and at times, in both fights, it looked like he would.  McGregor’s takedown defense is solid.  Chad Mendez was able to take him down but then couldn’t do much with it.  Once McGregor made it back to his feet, he finished off Mendez with relative ease.  Now he’s facing Eddie Alvarez who is heavier than Mendez, is a better striker, and, has shown a great chin.   

Eddie Alvarez has been a professional MMA fighter since 2003.  He’s racked up a record of 28-4 but has only had 4 fights in the UFC.  He’s only had 4 fights in the UFC but in that time he’s fought the best of the best.  He lost his first fight in the UFC to Donald Cerrone but has since then racked up three wins in a row agains the best in the division including the title fight with then champion Rafael Dos Anjos.  

Eddie Alvarez has a strong wrestling base but he can also finish fights with his striking ability.  He has 15 KO/TKO’s on his resume.  While most of his fights in the UFC have gone to a decision, he does have 7 submissions outside of the UFC.  Alvarez has a solid chin, he’s only been finished once via TKO and that was way back in 2007.

Eddie Alvarez has flown under the radar but make no mistake about it, he is going to be one of the biggest challenges yet for Conor McGregor.  With that being said, Conor McGregor gets in the head of fighters, and it already looks like he’s won that battle.  Look for Alvarez to make mental mistakes in this fight which McGregor will capitalize on.  These fighters can both hit hard and, they will be head hunting.  This fight won’t go past the 4th round.  

Conor McGregor will get the better of the exchanges.  Alvarez will look for takedowns but McGregor will stuff them.  The fatigue from those takedown attempts will add up and McGregor will begin to land more and more chingasos. One of those chingasos will eventually be the undoing of Alvarez and McGregor will make UFC history by holding titles in two different weight classes.  

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Who do you think will win at UFC 205: Conor McGregor vs. Eddie Alvarez 

UFC 204 Michael Bisping vs Dan Henderson 2 Fight Pick & Preview

free fight video 204 Henderson Bisping
Tonight at UFC 204 we will watch a legend in the octagon for the very last time.  It will be the last time 46 years old Dan Henderson will fight.  It’s not just any fight either, he earned a shot at the UFC middleweight tittle.  A win would be a fairytale ending, but Michael Bisping is standing in the way of that fairytale ending.  For Bisping, this is an opportunity not only to defend the title for the first time, but also to avenge a knockout loss to Henderson that has been one of the most iconic KO’s in UFC history.  Let’s take a closer look at these two fighters and then I’ll make my fight pick for UFC 204: Michael Bisping vs Dan Henderson 2. 

Michael Bisping is coming into UFC 204 with an overall MMA record of 29-7.  He lingered at the top of the UFC’s middleweight division until he finally captured the belt in impressive fashion when he stepped up on short notice to fight the champ at the time, Luke Rockhold.  Bisping has 16 KO/TKO’s and 4 submission victories on his resume.  He has one of the best gas tanks in the UFC and can go the distance with anyone.  

Even though Michael Bisping is 37 and a UFC veteran, he’s shown major improvement in the last few years.  It looks like he’s at his peak at the moment but he’s facing Dan Henderson who has a sledge hammer for a right hand and one chingaso from him can end the night!  Can Dan Henderson land that sledge hammer?  

Dan Henderson is not only an MMA veteran, he’s been a champion and he’s a bonafide legend in the sport!  Dan Henderson has an overall MMA record of 32-14.  Henderson also has 16 KO/TKO’s on his resume.  He uses his wrestling more for control and ground and pound but he does have 2 submission wins on his record. 

At UFC 204, Dan Henderson is fighting Michael Bisping, but, there’s a more powerful opponent he’s facing, father time!  At 46 years old, a championship fight is a huge challenge.  While I’d like to see a fairytale ending to Henderson’s career, it’s not going to happen.  Look for Bisping to fight a smart fight, staying away from Henderson’s right hand and peppering him with quick punches.  Bisping will be smart and use time to his advantage.  The longer the fight goes, the more of a struggle it will be for Dan Henderson.  

Henderson is a fighter, and he’ll go out swinging!  But, Michael Bisping will put him away either in the 3rd or 4th round!  

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UFC 203: Stipe Miocic vs Alistair Overeem Fight Pick & Preview

UFC 203 free fight video stipe miocic alistair overeem The heavyweight division in the UFC has been extremely unstable, you just never know what’s going to happen in the cage. Always expect the unexpected when the biggest guys in MMA step into the octagon and start throwing chingasos! As of now, hard hitting Stipe Miocic has the UFC heavyweight belt, but, will he hold on to it?  Alistair Overeem is a combat sport veteran, champion, and he’s looking to top of his great career as the UFC heavyweight champion.  Let’s take a closer look at these fighters and then I’ll make my fight pick for UFC 203: Stipe Miocic vs Alistair Overeem.  

Alistair Overeem is an MMA veteran with an overall MMA record of 44-14.  He’s also a kickboxing champion and has translated those striking skills over to MMA very well.  He’s won his last 4 UFC fights and 3 of those have been finished via KO or TKO.  But, he’s also been busted for PED’s (performance enhancing drugs).  He served a suspension in 2012 and upon his return he lost his next two fights.  Although, he seems to have bounced back, it’s hard to tell how he’ll do versus a champion without the help of PED’s.  

Stipe Miocic is coming into this title defense with an overall record of 15-2. He’s a finisher! Miocic has finishes off his opponents in 15 of those wins.  Eleven by the way of KO/TKO and one by submission (leg kick).  Miocic has a strong wrestling base and he uses that to stay standing and unleash powerful chingasos! What’s even scarier about Miocic is that he seems to be getting better!  

Look for Overeem to do well early in the fight, with or without PED’s, his stand up skills are unquestionably some of the best in the game.  But, without PED’s, as the fight drags on, Miocic will prove to have a better gas tank and will take advantage of openings as Overeem begins to fatigue. Miocic will land hard shots, and sooner or later, Overeem will collapse.

This fight will not go past the third round, and Stipe Miocic will be looking for another opponent to fight in defense of his UFC heavyweight title!  

Who do you think will come up on top at UFC 203?

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