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UFC 197: Jon Jones vs Ovince Saint Preux Fight Pick & Preview

free ufc jon jones vs ovince saint preux  video preview
The main event fight at UFC 197 is not the one we wanted to see, but it's the fight that we have. Daniel Cormier dropped out due to injury. Luckily though, Jon Jones is still fighting and it’s his come back fight. Will Jon Jones be ready to take his title back and cement his place in UFC history as the greatest MMA fighter that has ever lived? Well Ovince Saint Preux has stepped up in place of Daniel Cormier and wants to derail the Jon Jones train.  Let’s take a closer look at these fighters, and then I’ll make my main event fight pick for UFC 197: Jon Jones vs. Ovince Saint Preux.  

The casual UFC fan probably hasn’t heard of Ovince Saint Preux. He’s flown under the radar a bit, but his ability to finish fights has punched his ticket into this match up with Jon Jones. Ovince St. Preux (OSP) is 19-7 overall and 7-2 in the UFC.  He has finished 73% of his fights, 9 by KO/TKO and 5 by submission.  

OSP is a powerful fighter, making it past the first round has been quite the challenge for his opponents.  He brings heavy, powerful chingasos to the fight game.  His bones, versus an opponents dome is a bad combination.  Jon Jones has been able to avoid being knocked out in a fight, but will this be the fight where it happens? 

Jon Jones is already a UFC and MMA legend.  He’s beat everyone that has stepped in the cage to face him.  He has an overall record of 21-1.  That one loss was a DQ early in his career where he dropped an illegal elbow on his opponent.  He would have one that fight.  Anyway, Jones is a natural athlete that has adopted MMA as his sport of choice.  His natural athletic ability mixed in with great coaching has turned him into an MMA fighting machine!  

Jon Jones has no known weaknesses.  When he faces so called strikers, he out strikes them.  When he faces wrestlers, he out wrestles them.  When he’s faced good jiu jitsu fighters, he chokes them out.  Jones has incredible ability!  His only losses have been outside of the cage.  He’s gotten into some legal trouble, and it cost him the UFC belt.  

This fight is Jon Jones comeback fight.  Will he be the same fighter he was before he was stripped of the belt?  I think so.  Now, he might even be more dangerous.  Now, he might be more focused and ready to prove to the world he’s absolutely serious about being the best MMA fighter ever.  

Look for Jon Jones to start slow. Jon Jones knows OSP has nothing to lose and there’s danger in that.  Jones will allow OSP to burn off some energy and power.  Then slowly but surely, Jones will turn up the heat. Jones will begin to use his superior technique to outclass OSP in every aspect of MMA.  I doubt this fight will make it past the fourth round and the finish will showcase Jones’s technique, power and strength. 

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Who do you think will get the big “W” at UFC 197: Jon Jones vs Ovince Saint Preux?  

UFC 196 Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz Fight Pick & Preview

Conor McGregor Nate Diaz Free Fight Video Preview
Connor McGregor is the UFC featherweight (145 lbs) champion. More importantly for those that stand to make money off of this fight, he’s a championship trash talker that knows how to get the fans excited.  Nate Diaz is a lightweight (155 lbs) contender in the UFC and his trash talking is nothing to sneeze at.  If those two fighting wasn’t interesting enough, these fighters are going to fight in the welterweight (170 lbs) division.  Let’s take a closer look at these fighters and then I’ll make my fight pick for UFC 196: Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz. 

Conor McGregor exploded on the scene and quickly made his way into the pound for pound best MMA fighter on Earth debate.  He’s 19-2 overall and undefeated at 9-0 in the UFC.  The only UFC fighter that has made it out of the Octagon without being stopped via KO or TKO has been Max Halloway.   

McGregor can handle himself on the ground as well.  His ground work was once in question, but he answered the critics when he was taken down by wrestling expert Chad Mendez and took virtually very little damage, made his way back up, and finished Mendez via TKO late in the second round.  At this point, there are no known holes in Conor McGregor’s game! 

Nate Diaz is a UFC veteran.  His overall MMA fight record is not all that impressive at 18-10, but don’t let that fool you. Keep in mind that in the UFC, there are no easy fights and you’re always fighting the best of the best.  Diaz has some solid wins over high level fighters such as Gray Maynard, Jim Miller and the cowboy Donald Cerrone.  Diaz has also made it the distance with current UFC lightweight (155 lbs) champion Rafael dos Anjos (RDA) and former champion Ben Henderson.  

Diaz is a scrapper. He’s willing to use his volume punching style of boxing to slug it out. But, his ground game is as strong as any MMA fighter and his 11 submission victories have proven that.  Diaz has been susceptible to leg kicks but improvement in that area was clearly evident in his dominating performance over highly ranked Michael Johnson.  

In previous MMA fights, Conor McGregor has been able to get in the head of fighters with his trash talking.  Now, he’s facing a fighter that isn’t distracted by trash talking and more likely is actually motivated by it.  McGregor will not have a mental advantage in this fight and that’s going to be a feather in Nate Diaz’s hat.  

Conor McGregor has been fighting in the UFC’s featherweight division versus smaller and shorter fighters.  McGregor now faces a man that’s naturally heavier and taller.  Nate Diaz will have the advantage with height and weight.  Height is normally not a big issue, but reach is.  Diaz’s has a 2 inch reach advantage.  

Nate Diaz doesn’t have a lot of power.  This is where McGregor has the clear advantage.  McGregor’s power and accuracy is going to be a big problem for Diaz.  But, the question will be: Can McGregor get within power striking range? He will at times, but not consistently enough to KO Diaz.  If Diaz can make it past the first few rounds, McGregor’s power will begin to diminish as an advantage.  

Nate Diaz has been battle tested and gone all three rounds several times.  He’s also gone five rounds with the former lightweight champion.  McGregor has been so good, that he’s only gone three rounds once.  If McGregor get dragged into deep waters, his gas tank might be an issue.  Diaz will have the advantage.  

I’m picking Nate Diaz for the win at UFC 196.  His length, volume punching, gas tank, and ground game will be the difference.  Look for this fight to go into the later rounds, and for Diaz to come out the winner! 

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Who do you think will come out on top at UFC 196?  

UFC 195 Robbie Lawler vs Carlos Condit Fight Pick & Preview

UFC 195 video preview
Hard hitting Robby Lawler will try to defend his welterweight UFC title once again at UFC 195. This time, he’ll be facing Carlos Condit, a fighter that has been hovering at the top of the UFC welterweight division for a long time.  Let’s take a closer look at these fighters and then I’ll make my fight pick for UFC 195: Robbie Lawler vs. Carlos Condit.

Robbie Lawler has been a professional MMA fighter since 2001 and has racked up an overall record of 26-10.  While his overall record might not be all that impressive, keep in mind, since returning to the UFC in 2013, he’s 7-1 while fighting the best of the best.  

Robbie Lawler can knock your head off!  Twenty of his wins have come via KO/TKO.  Since returning to the UFC, he’s also fought smarter and has one of the best takedown defenses in MMA.  He knows where he wants the fight and can keep it there all fight long.  

Carlos Condit comes in to this title fight with an overall record of 30-8.  He’s been in the UFC since 2009 and has gone 7-4 since with the losses coming to the who’s who of the division, including a decision loss to UFC legend George St. Pierre.  The other losses were to Johnny Hendricks, his first UFC fight with Matin Kampmann, which he later avenged, and a weird loss to Tyrone Woodley which looked like an injury preceded the “leg KO”.  

Carlos Condit can finish a fight with strikes or submissions.  Fifteen of his 30 wins have come via KO/TKO and another 12 have come via submission.  Condit is a smart fighter and fights out of one of the best camps in MMA known for great game plans! With a full toolbox of MMA skills, and what will most likely be a great game plan, can Robbie Lawler overcome that for another title defense? 

In this fight Robbie Lawler’s very predictable fighting style will finally be his downfall.  Let look at his last two fights. Arguably, Johnny Hendricks should have one the decision in their rematch.  Hendricks didn’t stand and bang and took Lawler to a decision.  Rory McDonald chose to stand and bang with Lawler and eventually lost that battle.  

Condit won’t make the mistakes both Hendricks and MacDonald made.  One didn’t capitalize on stifling the stand up game, and the other chose to stand and bang way too long. Look for Condit to mix thing up a lot better than those to fighters.  We’ll probably see Lawler chasing after Condit most of the fight leaving him self open for a good counter strike game from Condit.  When it’s all said and done, Condit will walk out of the Octagon at UFC 195 the new welterweight champion. 

Get warmed up for UFC 195: Robbie Lawler vs. Carlos Condit!

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Who are you picking for the win?